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We are one of largest pharmaceutical, orphan drugs, super specialty drugs wholesale network.Send your query now.

Hospital Supplies

We are specialized supplying Hospitals Bulk drugs, pathology lab test kits, surgical and disposable. Leaders in supplying Super specialty,oncology, Blood & Biological drugs.

Bulk Anti Cancer Drug Export

We are ready to supply specialty products if you have proper licenses and documents as per your country, send your query now to get quotes and availability.


Who we are

Welcome To Pharma Earth - Tutor Earth Pvt Ltd

World Wide, many millions of patients are suffering from number of diseases for which adequate authorized medicines are not exists in their territory.

We offer Early Access to Unlicensed and Compassionate supply of pharmaceuticals – This is the only legal and ethical path to import a lifesaving drug to support patients from foreign markets where the drug is commercially available, into a territory where the drug is still not available.

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Why Choose Us

  1. Credibility of 100 Years of Trading Pharmaceuticals - Our Partner started in 1915
  2. 350+ Authorized Vendors in 45+ Countries - Our Principal Partner has large network
  3. 1500+ Products Delivered Every Day & 300000+ Products Delivered Annually - Our Partner is GDP Compliant
  4. 48 Business Hours to Quote 24 Business Hours to Ship

Our showcase

We are professional Wholesaler and having capability of super specialty product supply from 45+ countries to the territory where medicines are not available.

We supply to hospitals against import license.We supply to named patients. We supply to wholesalers who has proper license as per their countries rules.

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Professional Wholesaler

Global Credibility of 100 Years

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We operate Globally

Specialty Products

We have large range of Specialty Products


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